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Rebecca Bardoux Biography Photo Rebecca Bardoux Biography
Born: 8/18/1963
Aliases: Rebecca Bandoux, Rebecca Bordeaux, Rebecca Bordoux, Rebecca Bardeaux, Rebecca Bardot

Born: August 18, 1963 Erie, Pennsylvania
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 123 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 36C
Waist: 24"
Hips: 35"

Rebecca Bardoux has been heating up hardcore screens since 1992 with her red-hot brand of sexual sizzle. She's a dark blonde little bundle of energy who's at her best when things get their wildest. Rebecca Bardoux's got a soft, nicely rounded body that appeals to fans of more 'realistic' starlets than the dance-honed hardbodies that dominate the scene, packing a 36C-24-35 figure onto her 5'6' frame. She sports a lovely set of enhanced breasts that seem to get bigger with each appearance.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rebecca Bardoux brings an earthiness and believability to her sex roles that just can't be faked. She broke into hardcore in 1992's 'Brother Act,' and soon was one of the hardest working women in the business. A prolific as well as passionate starlet, Rebecca Bardoux has appeared in well over 150 titles since her debut. Her on-screen romps illustrate her raw sensual power, no matter what the scene calls for. Rebecca Bardoux seems most inspired, though, when allowed to get as nasty as she wants to, which is very nasty indeed. She throws her body willy-nilly into sexual encounters full of raw, animal passion with more relish than all but a handful of starlets. Rebecca Bardoux thrives on intensity, and has turned in some of the hottest three-ways of recent years, including a particularly raunchy turn with Sean Michaels and Peter North in 'Sodomania 2'.

Her natural and beguiling sexuality comes across in each new feature, and Rebecca Bardoux has proven that she's a strumpet to be reckoned with when it comes to pure, unfettered fire. Rebecca Bardoux's eased up on the hardcore throttle a bit as of late, concentrating on her marriage to porn stud Jake Ryder.

With her co-companions in 7 Good Women Crystal, Rebecca and Sierra are dressed in the same suit and once undressed have on the same red boxers. Their strap-ons are underneath with only the rubber dick sticking out to help maintain the illusion. The man's role is the seducer and the unusual setting is quite provocative. Luckily, the beautiful faces, shapely legs and luscious breasts never let you forget their girl/girl scenes. There are also two straight out lesbian couplings, one in a sequestered hotel room with a rather amorous Melanie Moore.

Milf Seeker Vol. 4 plays out a very promising encounter, as a great display Rebecca doesn?t disappoint. The MILFSeekers are back, luring the hottest MILFs off the street and into three-way sexcapades. These six sexy MILFs show our young MILFSeekers that experience always comes out on top. Asian MILF sensation, Mika, takes a hard and heavy pounding, Rebecca and Donna's huge tits are put to good use and abuse, and all their lovely MILF faces get drowned in hot, juicy loads of cum.

In from a huge fan of Rebecca?s was a review and acclamation to her and her friends in the flick A few good Rears. ?A nice variety of settings and situations keeps this 1993 opus revving at a pretty high rate throughout. Just try and not pay attention to the endlessly meandering storyline, which won't be too hard since you'll be utterly confused by about ten minutes in. Just sit back and watch some dazzling locales and some seriously sexy young women strut their stuff in scene after scene of full-bore debauchery. Each scene all but stands on its own, and in that way the producers are able to deliver some quite wide-ranging scenes. The back of a U-Haul truck serves as the set for China Mai's encounter with Kris Newz.

China's scrumptious little frame gets tossed this way and that across the truck as she's treated to one of her most unfettered sessions ever. Super breasty Chelly Supreme plays some sort of nurse who decides to shave down her nether reaches in a mesmerizing sequence. The hottest moments of the flick come courtesy of Rebecca Bardoux. She plays a postal worker who's more interested in back door booty busting than in delivering the mail, and she gets just what she's looking for during a passionate and often downright nasty bangtango with Jeff Scott. A silly story and lots of blistering sex -- sounds pretty much like a prototypical early 90s porno flick to us! Good stuff for fans of the genre."

A sweet sexing between Tom and Rebecca in Pussyman takes a torrid display for your pleasure in Rebecca and Bianca?s apartment while the two sultry vixens are well into an anal beading of playtime Tom shows up just in time to fill 'em up.
Rebecca and set screamer Barbara Doll staff up the always full Hotel Sodom 8 cast for an exciting anal housekeeping production to keep an honorable mention in this popular series from director David Christopher.

As most casts agree when Rebecca B shows up for the casting it promises to be a hot set, special mention is in fan favorites Gorgeous Babes and their Toys, Sexed, Nasty as I Wanna Be, Heidi Gate, and Bang Bang You?re Dicked. Definite must views for any Rebecca B. fans.

June 28, 2011 06:05pm
Rebecca Bardoux at Exxxotica
Source: Galaxy Publicity
by: Company Press Release

(CHICAGO, IL) -- Industry legend and AVN Hall of Fame inductee Rebecca Bardoux will be blowing… into the windy city this July with a special appearance at the Exxxotica Expo in Chicago.

"I can’t wait to get back to Chicago and meet all my fans. I hope to get some insider recommendations on where to get the best deep-dish, and I might even sample some kielbasa" winked Bardoux.

Bardoux will be signing at the Galaxy Publicity Booth all weekend at the event, July 8th-10th. Presented by, adult entertainment's top performers will appear live at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Over 20,000 projected attendees will have the opportunity to meet, take photos with and receive autographs from their favorite adult celebrities. Also, 2 Live Crew will be on hand to perform their groundbreaking hits on Saturday night. Making its first appearance in Chicago, Exxxotica will introduce the city to the nation's largest consumer show for love and sex.

After a sabbatical, the 90’s starlet returned to the industry in full force and has been shooting steamy content and mentoring new talent. Bardoux’s recent releases include the bestselling "MILF Busters" for Dream Zone Ent., "MILTF & Cookies" for Totally Tasteless, "13 Cum Hungry Cocksuckers #11: MILF Edition" for Madness Pictures, and the subtly titled "Mothers Teaching Daughters How to Suck Cock 9" for Devil's Film.

Luke Ford Says;
About Rebecca Bardoux

With over 250 titles to her name, Bardoux exemplifies the glamorous 90's Adult Film Star. Thanks to her friendly, relaxed and positive approach to life, the busty dishwater blonde with cherubic cheeks and twinkly eyes earned her legendary status. Bardoux's most memorable early sex scene came in "Sodomania 2" where she performed with Peter North and Sean Michaels. Some of her top performances appear in such videos as "Rain Bird," "Seymore Butts Goes Deep Inside Shane," "Junkyard Dykes," "Bad Girls," "Pussyman 6," and "Exposure." Recently she has appeared in Wicked top sellers "Group Therapy," "Bound and Determined," "Clusterfuck," and "Pussy N Boots," and more. She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2007.

Anal queen Rebecca Bardoux took up to a foot of cock up the ass. The Pennsylvania girl dominated porn between 1992-93, appearing in 200 videos. "Rebecca is a tart who loves kinky and sloppy sex as much as romantic and tender encounters. This red-haired honey is a nasty slut, showing a propensity for pure animalistic passion in paid-for-pokes."

Bardoux's best early sex scene came in Sodomania 2 where she absorbs Peter North and Sean Michaels. Her other good performances come in such videos as Rain Bird, Seymore Butts Goes Deep Inside Shane, Junkyard Dykes, Bad Girls, Pussyman 6 and Exposure.

With her friendly, relaxed and positive approach to life, the busty dishwater blonde with cherubic cheeks and twinkly eyes earns her good reputation. Those who know her like her.

A responsible, hardworking teenager, she also displayed a wild side that frightened her family.After working as a stripper, Rebecca entered porn through her friendship with Sean Michaels.

"I have a husband, he's not, you know, he's my boyfriend," Rebecca told smut scribe Bill Eagle at the 1992 CES convention. "He's my husband, but we just got married. "He's adjusting to my new career. At first he was concerned because in his eyes I'm sleeping with other people. But it's just work. While I was in LA, it was a rollercoaster for me with him, from one day to the next. One day, it was, 'I don't think you're going to be able to come home. I'm not going to be able to be with you anymore, and I think maybe it's time that we separated.' And then the next day, it was, 'maybe we should move out there, so you can be closer to your work."

Rebecca's husband eventually joined his wife in performing on camera, using the name Jake Ryder. Bardoux is bisexual. "There was always someone else with me like my husband," says the queen of enigma. She likes collecting cum shots in the face. "I heard it was good for the skin," she told Bill Eagle in 1992. "Viper puts it on her face for her complexion.

"I swallow. It's filling. We're taught that cum is bad but I think it's the ultimate way to taste your partner. His cum tells you how healthy he is because it's everything he eats and does with his life.

"With each man I concentrate on the taste, feel and look of it. So, you can put some cum in front of me in different bottle and I'll be able to tell you what porn star it is."

In his introduction to the Semen Salon column, Hustler Erotic Video Guide's Mr. Sam claims that cosmetic companies are pulling a fast one on women. "There is an endless stream of beauty supplies on the market that are supposed to cure everything from wrinkles to warts, but what they neglect to tell women is that the best means of keeping a complexion looking fresh and lovely is a hot, thick, congealing glob of sperm on their face."

Rebecca was in the back of her boyfriend's car, the first time she gave a blowjob. "He was lying down on the front seat, trying to convince me to do it. So I leaned over and went down on him. He said "Just suck it," which is confusing because they call it a blowjob, and I thought, "What does blowing have to do with this?" I worried about the coming part... It took a couple of months to get used to that."

Her first sex on camera came in Brother Act. "I did a 69 with Buck Adams and we did a few different positions. I was excited, but I was more concerned about my dialogue." Says a fan, "Bardoux is the epitome of every secretary fantasy I've ever had, where a hard-boiled note-taker takes dictation to new heights."

In 1993's I Love Juicy, Rebecca plays Juicy - a Lucille Ball-like character always in trouble. "She goes from kitchen disaster, to a slapstick impersonation of a French maid, to crashing her husband Mickey's strip club to enter the Miss Topless America contest."

Rebecca found critics vindictive. "If you aren't always friendly and interested, they often take it out on you in their columns. If I'd kissed Gene Ross's ass [of AVN], who knows where I would be today," she says, echoing the comments of dozens of performers.

As of June 1997, Rebecca appeared happy with her life and her 30 months in porn. She keeps up with two persons in the biz, Tony Tedeschi and Felecia. Single, and a few pounds heavier than her performing years, Bardoux manages a cosmetics store in Los Angeles. She'd like to have a child but doubts she wants to marry again.

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